Installation Guide

Pathos is written in python, and primarily relies on the other pathos subpackages for feature support. Parallel python (i.e. 'pp') provides a RPC server implementation, and is currently required. There are a few examples included in the source distribution that demonstrate the features of pathos. Note that although the examples are bundled with the distribution, they are not installed as a package. The examples must be run from the 'pathos-0.1a1/examples' source directory.

The first step is to get the distribution that is best suited for your operating system and version of python. Platform-specific and python-specific versions of this release are available at the bottom of this page.


Pathos is packaged to install from source, so you must download the tarball, unzip, and run the installer::

    $ tar -xvzf pathos-0.1a1.tgz
    $ cd pathos-0.1a1
    $ python setup py build
    $ python setup py install

You will be warned of any missing dependencies and/or settings after you run the "build" step above. Pathos depends on dill, pox, and pyina, each of which are essentially subpackages of pathos that are also released independently. Pathos also depends on slightly modified versions of pyre and parallel python; these packages are included in the pathos.external directory. The aforementioned pathos subpackages are also available on this site, and you must install all of the dependencies for pathos to have full functionality for heterogeneous computing. Currently, pyina is optional.

Alternately, pathos can be installed with easy_install::

    $ easy_install -f . pathos


Pathos requires:

  •  python, version >= 2.5, version < 3.0
  •  dill, version >= 0.1a1
  •  pox, version >= 0.1a1
  •  pyre, version == 0.8-pathos (*)
  •  pp, version == 1.5.7-pathos (*)

Optional requirements:

Versions used by the authors:

  • MacOS 10.5; python 2.5.4; setuptools 0.6c9; dill 0.1a1; pox 0.1a1; pyre 0.8-pathos; pp 1.5.7-pathos
  • Debian "squeeze"; python 2.5.4; setuptools 0.6c9; dill 0.1a1; pox 0.1a1; pyre 0.8-pathos; pp 1.5.7-pathos

Platform Notes

Pathos has been successfully installed from source and tested on linux platforms running python 2.5 and 2.6. It has also been installed and tested on Intel Macintosh running python 2.5. Pathos has not been installed or tested on Windows, or with earlier versions of python. No binary installers exist at this time. Pathos depends on a modified version of "pp" that supports serialization with dill, and a version of "pyre" that easy_installs.


Pathos is licensed under a modified BSD license, and is only available as a source distribution at this time. See the Release Notes for a feature summary.

Filename Architecture Python Size Date Tested
 pathos-0.1a1.tgz -- -- 561 KB 06/28/10 17:50 Python2.5 on MacOS, Debian