Pathos provides a small set of examples that are bundled with the source code, available for download  here. A short movie showing workload balancing of a distributed map used to sum prime numbers is available  here.



Usage Notes

Probably the best way to get started is to look at a few of the examples provided within pathos. See pathos.examples for a set of scripts that demonstrate the configuration and launching of communications with ssh and scp.

Important classes and functions are found here::

Pathos also provides three convience scripts that are used to establish secure distributed connections. These scripts are installed to a directory on the user's $PATH, and thus can be run from anywhere::

  • [establish a ssh-tunnel connection]
  • [launch a remote RPC server]
  • [launch a tunneled remote RPC server]

Typing --help as an argument to any of the above three scripts will print out an instructive help message.

More Information

Please see the  reference manual or release notes for further information.